The fees and payment methods

The first 30 minutes consultation


30 minutes consultation

$100 (GST included)

One session will always ease the anxiety, even if it will not be enough to eliminate it completely.

One hour hypnotherapy session

$250 (GST included)

Cost effective solution to speed up results

1.5 hour hypnotherapy session

$290 (GST included)

Recommended when the fear of flying is extreme and there is no time to have more sessions

2 hour hypnotherapy session

$390 (GST included)

This packege will be enough for the majority of very strong fears of flying

Three Sessions Package (GST included)


More time to indulge yourself

LUXURY Package - Three 1.5 hour sessions (payable at the end of first session)

$750 (GST included)

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The payment is required at the end of each session.
The payment methods are cash, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).