Can I be hypnotized?

Yes. Almost everybody can. There is only one condition: you must want to be hypnotized. Nobody can hypnotize you if you do not allow it. It requires cooperation. But it does not matter how strong willed or weak you are, or how smart or slow you are. You are simply born with a talent for hypnosis, so it will happen as long as you wish it to happen.


Some people are more talented than others. About 15–20 % of the population is born with an exceptional talent for hypnosis, another 15-20 % with a low talent, and the rest of us are in the middle. However, even with a low initial talent, the hypnosis can be taught and the talent increases with practise.


So, do you have a strong mind? Good. Because it will make it easier to accomplish your goals in the hypnosis. Since the goals are yours, a strong mind will help.