Clients Feedback

*Disclaimer: This page contains short quotes from emails and postcards written by my clients, in their own words.​ The views and opinions expressed by clients of our services in their testimonials are from clients personal experiences. Sydney Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis Centre may consider them typical, but everybody experiences hypnotherapy differently,  every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person.

Happy woman flying in the sky -no fear of flying
Male, 34, fear of flying

*"It has taken me so long to get back to you, life is hectic at the moment. Along with that hectic life there has been a couple of flights to Melbourne. This was something previously unthought-of without the help from some pretty heavy medication. For this I can't thank you enough as you know I was on the verge of losing my job if I did not overcome this fear, which I thought at the time was not possible, especially in a matter of weeks. I am truly thankful. The flights themselves have been actually enjoyable with laughter filling a lot of the trip rather than fear and discomfort. Amazing, life changing, THANK YOU"

Female, 23, anxiety, panic attacks, fear of driving, extreme fear of flying


*"I have arrived safely in Las Vegas, my flights were all fine! Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it! I am having the best time here"

Female, 47, extreme fear of flying, fear of heights from early childhood

*"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my helicopter flight!! Bit of a long story but we got caught up in the Fiji Cyclone and delayed by two days but I was forced to sit without Mike in the front seat and held on for like 2 minutes then I was totally fine just unbelievable. The pilot was taking a selfie video and texting at the same time.... coming back I was in the back by myself again and it was like you say it should be 'enjoyable' and words can't express how grateful I am for our sessions together and putting my fear behind me. Mike and I are off to Europe in March, very long flight but I will be fine and the movie I was picturing in my mind had us at the Eiffel Tower and that is exactly where we will be funny how life is all falling into place I am so excited with what our next life experience together will be!"

Female, 34, fear of flying, general anxiety

*"The therapy made a huge difference to my flight. I actually enjoyed take off. It was a perfect day and the view was spectacular. I even took photos of the view out the window! (see attached) When I did feel a little anxious about turbulence during the flight I was able to control it. Thank you for making it so much easier for me to fly. I am still practicing self-hypnosis whenever I can and find it helps me to relax when things are really busy with work and life in general."

Male, 27, fear of flying

*"The flight, I am very pleased to say was fine. The worst part was saying goodbye to my brother and girlfriend at the airport. I kept myself calm with the self-hypnosis method and everything was fine. I am looking forward to a longer flight and the thought of flying back to the UK doesn't bother me now."


Female, 50, anxiety, wide range of phobias, especially claustrophobia, fear of crowds, fear of heights. Some specific fears causing panic attacks were the fear of lifts and fear of flying.


*"Well I've done it! The plane trip to Melbourne was great. Our apartment was on 9th floor so I caught the lift all the time. I had a wonderful time away. I couldn't have done this trip without you. I can now plan other trips in the future."


Male, 38, fear of flying


*"The flight was generally ok, slightly uncomfortable on the outward journey, but fine on the way back. I do now feel more confident after our last session and do feel that I can fly again and that with what we did last week, I will no longer need any other sessions. Thank you for your care and support"


Female, 27, extreme fear of flying


*"Joanna, I can’t thank you enough for your help in the last couple of months. The plane flight and the lead up to it was nothing but a breeze after your sessions. There was a little anxiety when the jets were fired up, but that was always normal for me. Once we started moving, I again felt mixed sensation of calm and the rush of going fast and taking off. I enjoyed the whole trip! Once getting into Vietnam, I had no hesitation jumping on another plane, and then another, and then another. I truly think, with your help, that I had conquered my fear. The trip home on my own, which I was regretting, had me already planning my next trip abroad."


Female, 30, fear of flying


*"I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you very much for your help. I flew to Melbourne after our last session, then to Cairns, Sydney, Hong Kong and finally back home to England. I found the relaxation techniques helped to manage my anxiety very well and I found the long haul trip much easier than last time. Thanks again for your help."


Male, 28, extreme fear of flying


*"I returned last week from my holiday and had a great time. The flights were fantastic and I was able to bring myself to self-hypnosis and allow myself to completely relax. I was very nervous when boarding my first flight but was able to control my nerves and concentrate on all that was happening around me and forget about the bad experiences I had had flying in the past. Once I got on the plane I was fine and the trip went very smoothly. The further 4 legs of flying were also very good and not accompanied by any nerves. I am now looking forward to my next holiday as flying is no longer an issue. I thank you for helping me overcome my fear of flying.