How many sessions will I need to overcome the fear of flying?

Sometimes all you need is just one or two sessions. If you have been suffering for years from a severe phobia, the crippling fear of flying, it may sound like a miracle.


After the first session the fear is usually reduced significantly. Sometimes clients see me just a day before the flight, so one session must be enough. Sometimes the phobia can be eliminated in one session, especially when this is the only phobia the client is experiencing.  However, even if the phobia is eliminated, I would always recommend a second session to build confidence and to learn self-hypnosis. This will protect you from hypnotising yourself into the fear of flying again.


The third session can be used to make sure that future scary situations will not create the phobia again, so we cover the turbulences and other situations like that. After this session, turbulences will appear rather funny to you or a good time to have a nap.


Sometimes the fear of flying is caused by some other long lasting phobia, and most common cases are claustrophobia, fear of heights and social phobia. It can also be part of general anxiety, perhaps caused by long lasting or repeating trauma from your past.


For all the above situations you will need more than two sessions, but usually no more then five. In those complex situations the positive outcome is that you not only become free from the fear of flying, but also free from the underlying phobias and anxiety.