Overcome the Fear of Flying in a Few Hypnotherapy Sessions with the Help of an Expert Profesional Hypnotherapist


Are you ready to free yourself from the crippling fear of flying? How is the fear of flying affecting your life? How is it limiting your freedom?

  • Does the fear of flying prevent you from visiting your family and friends?

  • Does the fear of flying stop you from enjoying great holidays?

  • Are the business trips a nightmare?

  • Do you push yourself into the plane and spend the whole flight tense and absolutely on the edge, even if you had some numbing pills?

  • Do you start feeling anxious and terrified as soon as you start planning your flights?

  • Do you shiver and feel your heart thumping even when you just think about flying?

  • Have you experienced a panic attack during a flight? Are you terrified of having another one?

  • Is your career in danger because your fear of flying is so strong that you cannot fly at all?

  • Is your partner travelling alone, as your fear of flying is so strong that you cannot enjoy your holidays together?

  • Perhaps you still travel, stressed through the whole holiday, because even if you are on the beach, you cannot stop thinking about the return flight?

Do you know that with the help of a skilful hypnotherapist you can free yourself from the fear of flying in just a few sessions?

Hypnotherapy is the most effective tool for solving phobias, especially the fear of flying. It doesn’t matter how extreme your fear is and for how long you have been suffering. With hypnotherapy it can dissolve in just a few sessions. The success rate of my clients is very high. Sometimes there is some nervousness left, but at a manageable level. Almost every client overcomes the fear of flying and most of them even learn to enjoy their flights.  

What can work better than just unhypnotizing yourself from this trance like irrational fear?

Like every phobia, the fear of flying usually has some cause in the past and once it is solved in hypnosis, the fear goes away. Sometimes it is something related to flying. In this situation, usually two sessions of hypnotherapy are enough. Sometimes the fear of flying is the secondary fear and there are other primary phobias, like fear of heights, or claustrophobia, or some deeply rooted anxiety which grows over time and is triggered again by some changes in your life. In this case there is a bit more digging required. The good news is that hypnotherapy will allow you to clear out all those fears and anxieties, leaving you free and relaxed. 

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Because your fear of flying is a phobia,  a trance like state

You may talk about your fear of flying with a psychologist for years and may learn to cope better but only if you are lucky, because you may also become obsessed ... Phobias work on the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and to make changes on the same level to eliminate the phobia.


Hypnotherapy is the best coaching tool

You can rehearse long flights in deep hypnosis in minutes, so in one session you "fly" many times while relaxing on the sofa. You build a routine of confident flying in just one session.


Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are fun

Hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve full mind and body relaxation. It is incomparable with other techniques. It simply feels great!


Why to choose Joanna Malinowska to stop your fear of flying?

Hypnosis is a powerful vehicle for change, but it is essential to find a therapist who can drive it. The success of hypnotherapy depends on the skills of the hypnotherapist and what is done in the therapy. It makes sense to choose an accredited, experienced and skilled professional hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of others and who can draw from rich personal experience and growth.

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